About Us

Gordon Clark is the Principal Investigator for Clark Solutions, Inc.

  • He is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Integrated Systems Engineering at The Ohio State University.
  • He was a member of a team which completed thirty-three performance-improvement assessments of manufacturing companies.
  • His recent consulting activities emphasize statistical analysis of data to improve quality.
  • His recent projects involve experimental design, statistical process control, regression analyses, and the development of process control models to improve quality.
  • He designed and developed statistical process control systems for improving fruit quality, he formulated experimental designs to identify factors affecting weld quality, and he analyzed the resulting data.
  • He is a past chair of the American Society of Quality Statistics Division
  • He is the author of the division’s blog, i.e., Statistical Thinking to Improve Quality and Performance.   View the blog.

Quality and System Performance Improvement